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Crash Drive 2

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Crash Drive 2 is the second part of the popular game, legendary continuation created for fans of racing and adrenaline. True gamers and fans of drive can quite quench their thirst with speed by this delightful game. There is no usual route in the format of “A” to point “B” race. In this game you need to go through all the possible trampolines, conquer the air loops, keep moving toward the train and ram other cars. The game allows you to play against players from around the world online. You can choose from 30 cars of different power, but they are all locked. Initially, you have to have a certain amount on your account on which you will be able to buy your first car. Only three cars are available to you from the beginning, while the rest “open” as you progress through the game winning in certain races. Each car has price and technical characteristics shown below them: speed, injection of nitrogen, handling and acceleration. Most levels and machines in the game are closed. You have to work hard, to win competitions, to perform various stunts and collect bonuses to get cash rewards to upgrade your car or buy a new one. You will have to collect bubbles, which are floating on different levels above the ground. As well as other bonus items, they will give the opportunity to buy new cars and open up inaccessible locations. Before the race, you are shown information on how much money you can earn per level. As you progress, the game becomes more complicated, but it makes the game even more interesting. Depending on your driving style, vehicle is automatically pumped is automatically pumped away. A simple example: if you manage to accelerate it more than it was shown initially it characteristics, be sure to get a faster car. Car improvement occurs according to certain system – depending on the quantity and quality of stunts performed on a certain car, as well as on the time spent “behind its wheel”. The first route passes through the deserted town, where you have to go to high mountains and drive down into deep pits. Later you will discover new tracks; creators have tried their best, and added 70 new tracks. Sometimes it happens that the car turns over or flies up because of a strong acceleration. Just never mind, nothing should stop you. The game is simple, but reality is not the most brilliant part of it. The sense of pleasure from driving without any rules is much more important. Crash Drive 2 has 3 basic modes of race: 1) Drive through points – in this mode you will need to travel from one point to another in a given time; 2) a free ride – a great mode to relax and sharpen skills, performing tricks; 3) Multiplayer Gameplay – the most interesting mode, as it gives the opportunity to play against people. Pimp your ride, perform stunts on a big map, hit other players, chase each other and just experience pleasure, doing everything your heart desires. Nice graphics and smooth animation only contribute to pleasant feelings. In general, you will be able to relax as you never did with online flash games before.

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